Thursday, March 01, 2012

Have your home mortgage review for errors for free!

Property owners have right until the end of July 2012 to utilize a federal mandate to review your mortgage if you believe the lender made errors in your house foreclosure. Federal government banking regulators are attempting to get this statement out online.

Far more than four million households are eligible for a assessment because of probable faults in some aspect of the home foreclosure process. Federal banking authorities mailed out millions of letters to give consumers notice.

If property owners believe that they encountered monetary losses simply because of bank blunders in the foreclosure process, they have to submit an application to have an third party panel review their case.

The feds have directed the financial institutions to provide independent consultants to review through each and every case and figure out whether "errors, misrepresentations or deficiencies" took place. The issue of how much capital a property owner may possibly get for a bank mistake is still up in the air.

Bank regulators have established up a toll free hotline to respond to inquiries about whether or not you are eligible for a review: 888-952-9105.

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