Monday, September 25, 2006

Real estate foreclosures - a safe way to purchase a home

The real estate business is one of the main pillars of today’s global economy. Investing in real estate is most likely to guarantee your financial independence, but what is considered the best investment on the real estate market? Lately, excellent profits have been provided by investing in foreclosures.

Many people are unaware of what real estate foreclosures really refer to. Foreclosure happens when a homeowner defaults on a mortgage loan. The truth is that there is a high demand for homes on the real estate market. Prices have risen awfully and a lot of citizens have taken on mortgages in order to keep their homes.

Foreclosure web sites are there to offer heaps of information about discounted properties or foreclosures, not to mention they are ready to throw in programs or training material to guide you through the buying process. Real estate foreclosures attract potential homebuyers because these houses can usuallly be purchased at a price below the market.

There are many prospective buyers that choose a foreclosure listing service in order to browse for potential, low-priced homes. A foreclosure listing service may be free or you might have to pay and it offers a list of property items and required information to people interesed in purchasing foreclosures.

Finding a reputable foreclosure listing service is not a piece of cake. Free foreclosure listings have no charge, but they do not provide enough information and might not be updated on a scheduled basis. If you choose to browse through a paid foreclosure listing service, you can get more detailed and updated information. There is a seven days trial of service in which you can go see how the entire process of buying a foreclosure takes place. After that, if you are satisfied with the service, you can continue subscribing and getting everyday info about real estate foreclosures.

What does a foreclosure listing service has to offer besides the property list? Well, there is a detailed description on major aspects of the real estate such as: property details, foreclosure information, location, sales history, taxes and contact information. The property details include: number of bedrooms, lot size and loan balance of the house and photos of each property. A foreclosure listing service will give the prospective buyer an idea of the city and the state where the home is located.

Many buyers are confused about the different types of information available on the real estate market or even the kind of information they need. People are often misinformed about the lists of foreclosed properties, no matter if they are owned by the bank or the government or if they are statewide/nationwide/local. Today, there are several websites that have built a reputation and deliver daily accurate information to their customers (home buyers or investors) about foreclosures and available opportunities. On the other hand, there are those satisfied with the minimum research, which pay no attention to details and make false claims (the promise of getting rich). You will want to avoid such a foreclosure listing service.

Real estate foreclosures are in high demand not only by home-buyers, but by real estate investors also. They make profits by purchasing homes below price market and selling them at a higher price. They are not afraid to pay for a foreclosure listing service as the cost has little significance when the profits come from buying and selling real estate foreclosures. The process that involves such properties is quite an investment.

Real estate foreclosures are quite popular and people looking to profit from such a business are always in search of foreclosure listings. That is why they generally have the first pick of cheap properties. So, if you are interested in a foreclosed home, it will be a good investment to pay for an accurate and useful list of real estate foreclosures and get good results.

For persons interested in purchasing inexpensive homes, such properties – real estate foreclosures – are the answer. If you browse the Internet, you will come across many online foreclosure listing services. It is best to subscribe to these services and pay a membership fee. You have to check these listings regularly and make immediate contact if you find a suitable foreclosed property. Watch real estate foreclosure hotspots also as there are lots of properties available on the foreclosures’ market especially in high demanded areas (mainly coastal regions).

Purchasing real estate foreclosures can be an excellent investment. It has a lot to offer, but there are certain risks involved as well. A golden rule is to research, research, research and browse the market carefully. Though more and more people choose to buy a foreclosed property, foreclosure homes still represent a very small percentage of the overall housing inventory, so it’s best to profit from it while the news is still hot!

By: David Yuri

Friday, September 15, 2006

Home Foreclosures on the Rise

The share of Mortgage entering foreclosures are on the rise.

In August, 115,292 Homes Entered foreclosures, up 53% vs. a year ago.
(source from realtytrac)

Foreclosures rose 160% in California.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Colorado Real Estate Foreclosures

If Georgia is the top state for real estate frauds, Colorado real estate steals the spot for being with the most foreclosures. Colorado has the distinction of having the highest number of foreclosed homes in the nation for the second consecutive month. This is the latest sign that the weak, lower-priced housing market continues to plague the economy. The RealtyTrac Inc. report shows that since April, 3,706 homes in Colorado were in state of foreclosure. That translates to a ratio of one of every 494 households in foreclosure. The national average is one of every 1,268 households.

Colorado real estate retained the No. 1 spot even though the rate of foreclosures dropped by 31 percent from March, when 5,392 homes were in foreclosure. There is a disaster driving the high rate of foreclosures, said Mary Wenke, public trustee of Arapahoe County. In April, Wenke's office opened 436 foreclosures, compared with 288 in April 2005. Wenke insisted adjustable rate mortgages, whose interest rates are starting to rise, will mean even more foreclosures in coming months. The factors driving the numbers include a record excess of unsold homes in the market, homeowners' huge credit card debts, pre-payment penalties, mortgage fraud, and bankruptcies.

Wenke asserts that foreclosures are just stages in a vicious cycle and affected by unemployment. She adds that the foreclosure rates negate the government claims of a stronger economy. The head of Colorado Real Estate Center, Byron Koste affirms the statement by Wenke. Koste says that the rising foreclosure rates should serve as a red flag for the economists that are claiming economic strength. Koste adds that foreclosures are more frequent among entry-level housing market. Events like these usually throw real estate businesses off because consumers are more hesitant to buy houses.

However, Cherrywood Properties' Ben Fielder claims that it is unfair to categorize the whole of Colorado real estate as foreclosure haven. He asserts that the foreclosures are primarily concentrated on the northeastern side of Aurora and Adams County. He even claims that real estate is on a steady rise and that people are more excited than ever to buy their own Colorado home. The only problem he sees is that there are over-enthusiastic buyers who get loans and mortgages that they cannot manage.

Whether you decide to buy Colorado real estate or not, it's up to you. The place is good, with nature and a vast selection of prospective homes. The government also provides good public service. Just mind what Colorado real estate experts like Wenke, Koste, and Fielder have to say -- do not buy homes you cannot afford. Lenders and banks won't have second thoughts in taking it back if you can't pay for it.

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